4. Facebook Ads You Should Be Running

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The top three Facebook ads you should be running

What better way to maximise your return on investment than by running Facebook ads. However, there are various different avenues to follow, used for various different purposes. When it comes to basic Facebook ad choices; these are the three ads you should be utilising:

1. Boost your post

This option is one great way to share your content with the world, in the hopes that they’ll gain some knowledge from it and like your page. The more valuable content you share, the more people are going to want to engage simply because you’re amazing!

2. Promote your page

Use this option sparingly as you ideally want organic likes on your page. This option simply sends people to your Facebook page simply because of how effective your ad is. Individuals will then ‘like’ your page based on the value of your content.

3. Send people to your website

Promoting your website is another great perk of creating a Facebook ad, sending individuals straight to your website to view your product or service – which is ultimately where you want them to end up.